Products are manufactured at CAM DAT CO., LTD

Glass cup gourmet the highest quality of high-quality strength and the ability of the best features, does not contain the user’s health compounds.

The glass has good anti-grip and anti-adhesion, convenient for cleaning as well as cleaning every use.

When small device, small, should lm is high lm for use for hand manual.

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GLASS CUP 375ml – PCD10007

The product is manufactured at CAM DAT CO., LTD

Made from high-grade glass with high purity, bright. It also has the ability to resist stains, easy to clean and also used for dishwashers. The product can withstand high temperature, limited the break by the impact of heat and hygienic standards, safe for the health of users.

Cups are high cup design, large grip gives a feeling of solid, non-slip when used. Large diameter cups and beautifully shaped cubes with brilliant shine, creating a modern look.

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It specializes in producing glass bottles and jars for industrial companies in the fields of nail polish, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, glass bottles, bottle caps and Some other specialty glass products. With increasingly scale production Cam Dat has become a reliable partner of many companies in the country such as ACECOOK Vietnam, Cholimex food, Ajnomoto Group, Saigon Cosmetics Joint Stock Company, Truong Son South East Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Ngoc Anh Ngoc Anh Paint Company … number of orders hundreds of millions of bottles per year ….

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glass cup

Creation for customers – development for society is the business philosophy in Cam Dat glass.
Experience luxury class in the Royal style on each cup
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The variety of types, designs, sizes of glass bottle jars, and to meet the needs of customers in the choice of packaging and storage of products, to honor the beauty. and the quality of the product contained within. At the same time make a difference compared to the opponent.
Experience the elegance of royal style on every product.
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Variety of Glass Containers, Bottles, Glass Bottles for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Alcoholic Beverages, Generic Sauce … And Glass Containers, Glass Containers Partial in the preservation of products, very good food.
Experience the elegance of royal style on every product.
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glass lid

In addition to the product is glass, to protect the product is contained in bottles, jars or glass boxes need to have a lid, button to cover.

Experience the elegance of royal style on every product


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