How is glass produced at Cam Dat?

How is glass processed?

Often glass is made from the following steps:

1. Mixing formula: usually glass is made up of such formulas as: fine white sand, soda, recycled glass and other additives. After mixing, all the materials will be put into the incinerator for incineration.

2. Burning: The ideal temperature to fuse glass and chemical additives is over 1500 degrees Celsius, if higher or lower temperatures will make the glass color unattractive and beautiful.

3. Make an embryo: After the glass is melted, it will be cut to get the right weight, which will be put into the embryo to create the embryo.

4. Formation: After obtaining the embryo, it will be passed through the mold to form a complete shape.

6. Reduction of heat: The goal is to create heat that slowly decreases heat, which helps to increase the strength of glass, which makes it less fragile. Glass will be passed through the incubator to reduce heat gradually.

Then through the inspection and packaging, shipping to the consumer.

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