Notify change of packaging Yaourt glass hut


From 01.11.2017 All Yaourt glass products of Cam Dat Glass Company will be changed to new packaging.

In order to increase the value of products, affirm the brand as well as meet the needs of customers. The yogurt bag will have big changes compared to the old one, as follows:

1. About the product lid: the new cap will have a modern design to prevent swallowing, Cam Dat logo under the lid, using raw plastic materials to meet food safety standards. In contrast to non-standard recycled plastic cover of the products in the market.

2. About the packaging: new boxes will be printed color offset with high quality paper. Full product information in bilingual Vietnamese – English. There is a registered bar code, and QRcode anti-counterfeit. The new high-end design will make the product more prominent among low-quality products in the market.

3. The products have been registered for protection of packaging, announced conformity with national standards and standards, including glass vials and plastic cover. Manufactured by ISO 9001: 2015 standard factory. And most importantly, the product is manufactured in VIETNAM.

With the motto of putting customers’ interests first, we are constantly improving to bring customers the most satisfaction. Changes, improvements,  Rates  still  NOT  change for this product. Do not hesitate anymore but do not own the products of our company?

Do you use yaourt in large quantities? Are you a reseller of glass products? Please contact us to become one of the authorized retailers.

Contact: Nguyên  093.857.6645

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