Preservation and cleaning of glass objects

It is true that in every family we can not afford glass-made products. Do you understand how to use and preserve them as well? Today Cam Dat glass   will share some tips for you nhé


1. Clean glassware

Avoid glassware with a dishwasher because they are easy to scratch and chink

– For utensils such as jars, bottles, glass jars … you should use dedicated washers or can use soft washable scoop rods and the same bleach to clean them.

– Do not use sharp objects such as metal scourers to clean because the surface is easy to scratch.

2. Keep the glassware from cracking due to thermal shock

– When you first buy you should put glassware in a pot of cold water with a little salt to bring to boil. Then wait for the water to cool and rinse with clean water

– Do not pour cold water when they have heated up and vice versa

– Do not store hot food in the fridge because it is prone to cracking.

– When pouring water into a glass, you can lather with a wet towel, or put in a glass chopsticks or metal spoon. These items will absorb heat from the water, helping to protect the glassware better.

3. Store glass properly

– Make sure the location is firm and flat to avoid the edge of the shelf, table, etc. to place or store glassware better.

– Avoid stacking up because it is easy to fall apart

– With less glassware you should wrap them with newspapers, paper containers or sponges before storing them.

– In some cases, cups can not be separated from each other, try turning them upside down on ice.

– If you have a habit of hanging up or down the cup, choose a tray with a steam vent that will not affect their shine.

– Storage must be dry to prevent them from getting damp, affecting the health of your family

Hope that the small share on Cam Dat glass   will help you to have more information to use and put glass management properly. Dear !

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