Surprise with versatile use of glass jars

Surprise with versatile use of glass jars

Not only for spices or small foods. Today Cam Dat glass is divided for you some interesting use other than the simple glass jars.

1. Cup for pen

You can use glass jars for your pen, the size of your work corner, or your child’s study corner. Of course, you can homemade with a myriad of decorative styles: simple to original, fabric, wool, jute, coconut or paint to create eye-catching corners.

Colored glass jars are used to hold pens, rulers, scissors, or desks.

2. Scroll only

Do not worry about sewing is to point the head just where. You just punch a hole in the glass jar, then thread the thread through it, roll only to be dropped into the bottle and turn the lid. Now just pull the thread out to use it. Of course, there is no need to place a needle, you just make a cloth cover for the glass jar, then put the needle on it. No need to find the needle anymore. The same, similar. Buttons and other sewing tools can also be stored in glass jars.

Easily get the needle every time you need it, and your sewing work is also very artistic.

3. Miniature pots

Glass jars can be used to make small pots, adding some more stones to your already potted plants.

You can give many other beautiful plants to refresh your mini garden

4. Picture Frame

No need to buy fancy photo frames, print your favorite photos in small enough size and fit into the bottle. Once put in the bottle, the picture will stretch out according to the diameter of the bottle, and you have a unique photo frame.

You can create a corner of the family photo frame in the corner of the living room, or your personal photo in the corner of the room or bedroom is fine.

Flower pots

You can simply place flowers directly into the glass jar without painting anything else, or if you are free you can pour your favorite paint color into the jar, wait for it to dry and start the art of flower arranging according to the idea of myself.

Change the nature of your home with a vase of bold nature.

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